The ability to track ore digitally creates tremendous advantages.


GCMS is an unique application which tracks material before and after the blasting of a block on a mine.


When ore is Tag and Traced, there is clarity about what is loading with every excavator load.


Digitally track samples from the sample holes that are drilled, or from the mine to the lab.

the sim-tracer

The SimTracer is a unique smart block that looks like ore, and acts like ore, but generates a digital trail with many benefits.


Unique Features



  • It’s the enabler for data generation.
  • It offers automatic identifier of the ore.
  • It provides non-line-of-sight reading ability.
  • It’s an automatic identification device.
  • It is customised to ore characteristics.
  • It offers a read-write data carrier.
  • It provides real-time data capture.
  • It survives harsh environments, including blasting, water and dust.
  • Its providing a body of ore a unique identity and identifier linked to the sample certificate. This enables the identification of an ore body.
  • It enables the tracking of an ore body at any point in its material handling phase.
  • It is linked to a remote database that accompanies the ore throughout the entire material handling process.
  • It enables the interface with the mine management system.
  • It enables plant optimisation by knowing real-time plant feed.
  • It enables plant efficiency monitoring and process efficiency monitoring.
  • Real-time plant performance dashboard.
  • It resembles the same characteristics of the ore around it.