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Simera Trace commercialises the MINEX platform developed by and in collaboration with Kevin O’Neill of INNORFID. Kevin founded the RFID Institute in 2001 as Africa’s leading vendor-neutral RFID centre. The Institute provided education and expert professional services to all organisations intending to implement, or simply learn more about RFID. Through the years, Kevin has developed RFID solutions for hundreds of companies across several industries. One of the more comprehensive RFID Platforms was built for the ore tracking industry in mines. In 2022 Kevin approached Simera to partner in unlocking the vast potential of ore tracking in the mining, energy and logistics industries.

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Johann du Toit

Kevin O’Neill

Nicolas Lategan

Johann du Toit is Group CEO of the Simera Group, CEO of Simera Sense, and a director of Simera Trace. He has more than twenty years’ experience as mechanical engineering, and more specifically, structural design, analysis and testing exposure to diverse industries. Being a never-ending optimizer, he loves to plan, execute and adapt projects and processes to match the ever-changing dynamics of real-world engineering and business environments. One of his greatest work achievements was the realization that by aptly managing, guiding and empowering a great team, the outcome would be far more than your own limited contribution could have been. At the core, what he loves and enjoys the most, is to share his passion with colleagues, clients, fellow engineers and students with the hope that they too can experience the great pleasures of pursuing a career they truly enjoy.

Kevin O’Neill is considered the Father of RFID in South Africa.  While leading the RFID Institute over a period of thirty years, he has developed solutions for every conceivable industry that could benefit from RIFD.  He worked with leading brands such as TOYOTA, KWV, DUNLOP, Anglo American, TYRE Corporation, Harmony, EXXARO, LONMIN, ASSMANG and Woolworths to develop platform solutions for these industries.    His insight of the mining industry led to the development of the MINEX platform to handle RFID applications from sample drilling holes to final delivery of ore.  Feasibility studies done on ore grade control and process optimization using RFID, resulted in billions of potential savings or additional revenues.  The highlight has been the development of the SimTracer, an RFID tracer that can withstand ore blasts, and creates a digital trail for the ore throughout the mining process.  This has the potential to revolutionize the mining industry and set a new standard for ore grade control and plant optimization.  His father to four daughters and grandfather to five grandchildren – and counting.

Nicolas Lategan is a director in Simera Holdings and leading Simera Trace opportunity.  Nicolas started his career doing market research and new invention feasibility studies.  He always leaned towards the tech industry, and eventually developed a competence for innovation commercialization. He operated in the innovation space for several years both in South Africa and abroad.  He joined the Simera family in 2017 and in 2022 he met Kevin to start Simera Trace.  The potential impact the technology can make, together with its scalability, motivated the team to gear the company towards the mining industry.  Nicolas is married and has two teenage boys of whom he is extremely pleased.

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The Simera Group is a collective of engineering & product development companies established in South Africa in 2010. Simera possesses and mobilizes centuries of collective experience among our team members, skilled in the aerospace, precision optical, transport, medical and mining product development domains.

We are an industry-leading engineering simulation and data management systems company, but we are still “people first” at our core. Over the years, we have assembled an exceptional team with a simple mission: to achieve the remarkable. We are growing, but we remain true to our guiding principle to be lean, effective and outcome-focused.

More about the Simera Group, see www.simera.com

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